The Top 3 Requirements Home Buyers seek in a Property Solicitor

The Top 3 Requirements Home Buyers seek in a Property Solicitor

A recent study reported in Modern Law Magazine which looked at the needs of home buyers when searching for a conveyancing solicitor saw that there were three conditions that most buyers required when finding a property solicitor.

Price isn’t everything

While most home buyers are understandably concerned with price, surprisingly it isn’t the only driving force behind their search for a conveyancer or property solicitor.

According to a survey of 220,000 home buyers, price was only the 5th most important condition when searching for conveyancing services. Ahead of price was trust and reputation, which makes perfect sense considering that buying a property is one of the largest purchases most of us will ever make. Buyers need to know they can trust their property solicitor or conveyancer, and a great reputation will reassure them on this point.

Added extras

The article also added that when faced with a similar price, homebuyers will make their decision based on any added extras, or “guarantees” as they are known by in the conveyancing world.
These include “fixed fees” and “no move no fee” guarantees which ensure that the buyer is protected from rogue solicitors and conveyancers adding on unplanned charges at the end of the conveyancing process or charging buyers in full despite the sale falling through.

Fitzalan Partners recognises that these guarantees are hugely important to the integrity of our conveyancing services, so we ensure that all the solicitors we work with offer them.

Communication is key

Alongside this data was the finding that 22% of conveyancing complaints from competitor firms were about a lack of communication.

This isn’t surprising considering how important communication is in the conveyancing process. It’s understandable that someone paying hundreds of thousands of pounds for a house would want to know what’s going on every step of the way. Luckily we pride ourselves on the calibre of our conveyancing panel and all the solicitors we work with are known for their transparent working style and conscientious client-focussed approach.

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