One of Fitzalan Partners’ most exciting initiatives for 2015 was the setup of Fixed Fee Commercial Conveyancing to add to our portfolio of legal services.

This means that we are now able to quote a fixed fee to a prospective client looking to find a commercial solicitor and have a readily packaged instruction waiting in the law firm’s inbox. Historically, commercial leases and business acquisitions have always been notoriously difficult and time consuming to deal with.

The team at Fitzalan Partners has taken the time to understand the complexities that each commercial transaction can bring, and from that we have formulated a solution that not only offers convenience for the client, but a practical and time saving solution for the solicitor.

Law firms now have the opportunity of joining our commercial conveyancing panel, one that has already helped many of our clients in the small to medium business sector to achieve their dream of owning a commercial property through a competitive yet highly valuable service.

Benefits of joining our commercial panel:

  • Readily packaged instructions with 100% guaranteed commitment from each client
  • A fixed base fee for the client with the option of adding ‘allowable extras’ as the solicitor sees fit
  • A sales team working extended hours, committed to converting as many enquiries into instructions as possible
  • A reliable and market leading search provider  to carry out property searches
  • A carefully selected panel of commercial surveyors