Bespoke Conveyancing: Homeward Legal and Fridaysmove offer a service like no other

Bespoke Conveyancing: Homeward Legal and Fridaysmove offer a service like no other

Gone are the days of generic conveyancing packages offering a one-size-fits-all solution to every client. The new way of ‘bespoke conveyancing’ ensures that clients are treated as individuals and receive a conveyancing service that meets all of their needs.

Why bespoke conveyancing is better for clients

Every solicitor knows that no one conveyancing case is the same as another, which is why it is so important for customised conveyancing quotes to be offered.

From the client’s perspective, a generic conveyancing package may not include all the things they need, or may even have too many features, bringing the price up unnecessarily.

A bespoke conveyancing quote will take into consideration everything the client needs, eliminating what they don’t need, and base their package around this.

Who is offering bespoke conveyancing quotes?

At present, all of the Fitzalan Partners brands are offering bespoke conveyancing quotes as standard. From the moment a client enters their details into one of our instant quote generators, to the day that they complete, our solicitors are always focussing on providing a completely tailored conveyancing experience. Our brands include Homeward Legal and Fridaysmove.

Finding a custom conveyancing solicitor:

In an online world filled with solicitors, brands and comparison sites, finding a property solicitor is not the easiest, which is why our sites like The Solicitor Finder and In-Deed match clients up to a solicitor which suits them perfectly and can provide a custom conveyancing package.

Customised conveyancing by area:

One of the important benefits of bespoke conveyancing is that every area is different. A property based in London will require different area knowledge as well as different searches ordered than a property in Wales, for example.

By tailoring our quotes to the individual needs of our clients, we can ensure that they are matched with a local solicitor who has knowledge of the area and can organise the specific paperwork that is needed for a smooth transaction.

Flexible quotes but fixed guarantee:

Despite the flexible nature of bespoke conveyancing quotes, all of our partners will still be offering clients a ‘no move no fee’ guarantee as well as fixed fees.

To find out more about offering bespoke conveyancing quotes, call PJ at Fitzalan Partners on 0207 406 5813 or [email protected]